Angel starEdit

Angel star


appearance=small,white skin and pink hair.

Personality=for a small 12 year old she is as mean as most d4 tributes.

skills=planing,trident,running and strength.

weaknees=being really small she is a target by most tributes.

History=Not many people know why but all she talks about is being and winning the games all her life is about traning to win the games.Her knowen family try to help her any way they can the most helpfull thing they do is do 24 hour all nighters watching hunger game reruns with her.At school she isn't that close to other student who more then likely would end up in the career alliance with her.It is very possible that her training will do her no good if the arena is like something she has never seen before in past games.

strategy=join the careers but if for some reason all the other careers die in the bloodbath then she will stay hiden for the rest of the games only attacking tributes when she knows she can get a kill.

Favorite saying="I'm smalll but I'm also a fighter so don't over look me I might just kill you."