Name: Oliver Francisis

Hair: Long brown

Skin: tan

Eyes: cool grey

Age: 17

Build: Medium Athletic

Height: 6’1”

District: 11

Weapon of Choice: Multiple large hunting knives

Personality: Cold, distant, quiet, smart

Skills: Excellent knife fighter, good hunter, high stamina, fast, strong, knows what to eat and how to survive alone in the wilderness, can take a beating and keep on going, determined

Likes: Peace and quiet, solitude, kids, animals, plants

Dislikes: fire, people his own age, loud noises, careers

Extras: Has burns on the left side of his body from the neck down and has severe nerve damage so he doesn’t feel any pain In the left side of his body from a large fire in district 11, Oliver will protect any of the younger tributes until the end and then kill himself so that they can survive, that is if there are any younger tributes, if there are none he will fight until the end.

Bio: Oliver is from district 11, he works in the orchard climbing the trees to collect the fruit and such and goes hunting for food in the morning, he is very smart and is several levels above his grade, when he was 15 there was a big fire that burnt down several buildings and a large portion of trees in the orchard, and a 6 year old girl was caught in one of the trees that was on fire, and he climbed up to her and used his body to shield her from the flames, burning the whole left side of his body. While working in the orchard he got stung multiple times by the tracker jackers, growing an immunity to their stings. He volunteered to be a tribute in the place of a little 12 year old boy.