Brian codrensEdit



Brian codrens

Appearance=small,green hair and white skin.

Personality=Personality=mean,bossy and self centered.

Skills=Skills=wooden club,running and great at making camo.

Weaknees=He has very little knoledge of other weapons.

History=His parents know that he is not bright since he fishes using a wooden club he tries to beat the fish to death to catch it but they are proud of him that he fits the career profile.Even though he lives in district four he is not really into the hunger games as most other district four tributes.When he was asked at school by his fellow classmates how long he could last in the games he said at least halfway i'm a career after all we always do well.

Stategy=He will allie with the careers then at final 10 get the youngest career to help him kill the others then kill any tributes left.

Favorite saying="I told you that i could kill someone with my wooden club and you didn't belive me.