Emilie de RochefortEdit

Emilie de Rochefort


Appearance=small,blonde hair ,white dress and white skin

Personality=Compared to most people from capital she is nicer but still hates people from really weak districts but likes people from d 1 through d4.

Skills=hand to hand combat,trident and speaks both english and french.

Weakness=the way she treats the people from low districts none will ally with her from those disticts.Also mutts totaly freak her out.

History=She lives in the capital but most of her friends are from district 1 through 4 which is how she learned how to use a trident her boyfriend live in d4 he taught her.Her parents are always willing to help her when she wants to vistit the other districts but they only allow her to go to Districts one through four.

Strategy=Only go in on the bloodbath if she has an alliance if not run and hide stay away from lower district tributes unless they are an esay kill.

Favorite saying="Do I have to say it in English for you?