Jackson 2


appearance=small,black skined and orange hair.

Personality=mean determind and a massive ego.

Skills=fishing,trident and net combo as well as hunting

weakness=gets lost easily do to bad sence of direction.

History=A brave boy who grew up on a pirate ship plundering villages got rich now lives a good life in d4 has no known family.he may be mean but he still gives out some of his money to some of his fellow teens of district four for specific tasks he has them do.The reason that he has no knowen family was he was takken from them at a young age by a pirate capitan he trained him to eventually take his place as the capitan of the ship.To bad for the former capitan he was killed by Jackson when he felt like he was ready to take over the ship.

Strategy=kill when he has the chance to but dont get himself into bad positions.

Favorite saying="Am i a pirate no but i use to be so dont try to push me around because it might just get you killed."