appearance=tall,purple shirt,silver hair and white skin

Personality=Personality=cowardly,clever and Mischievous.

Skills=crossbow,hiding,camo and setting traps.

Weakness=He hates being in cold areas so he will make fires in the arena even if it means leading other tributes to him.

History=He is knowen as District threes biggest cheater he is always trying to take credit for other peoples inventions even if the invention was made by a friend.He also spends a lot of time studying the wind patterns so he can be as acurate as possible with the  crossbow.He never really cared about people who died in the hunger games that was untill he got reaped now he is a little nervous.

Strategy=Take only the closest items from where he starts then get out maybe try to get a kill but only if he was able to get a crossbow.

Favoirte saying= "What did I tell you I never miss a shot thanks to the wind patterns."