user death tournement part 1Edit

Link to part 2

This part will contain the basic rules for the tournemnet ,all the users who are in it and the info of there tributes.

All users who enter must send a total of four tributes note try to have a good person for all ranges,A user will be able to continue untill all four of there tributes are dead so good luck.

no more users will start soonEdit

Rainbow Shifter's tributes

1.Kipper (Kips) Luantag

2.Carlos Yuacke

3.Fernando Llan

4.Dolls Mgurf

Jusafox's tributes

1.Luna Snare

2.Halo Zee

3.Sebastian Klein

4.Tim de Winter

Firecatcher3's tributes

1.Kipcha Pryor

2.Khaz Syde

3. Kedzie Woods

4. Talon Faust

Beetee19's tribute's

1.Alec Tromagnet

2.Kenzie Byte

3.Azalea Firethorn

4.Jet Miller

Iluvgale's tribute's

1.Michael Vermas

2.Jilly Markes

3.Rose Jones

4.Sparks Jones

Skyandbray's tributes

1.Noah Bishop

2.Julie Bishop

3.Robin Vigo

4.Maryam Mote

Necterine411's tributes

1.Addie Buzz

2.Alec Powers

3.Carrie Hover

4.Seth Arc

Srish3211's tributes

1.Amy sparks

2.Audacia Undersea

3.William Undersea

4.Jackson Jackson (mad jack)

tournement set upEdit

Round 1

Alec Tromagnet vs Fernando Llan

Jet Miller vs Carlos Yuacke

Dolls Mgurf vs Azalea Firethorn

Kipper (Kips) Luantag vs Kenzie Byte

Jackson Jackson (mad jack) vs Sebastian Klein winner=Mad jack

William Undersea vs Tim de Winter winner=William Undersea

Audacia Undersea vs Luna Snare

Amy sparks vs Halo Zee =Winner=Halo zee

Seth Arc vs Khaz Syde

Alec Powers vs Talon Faust

Carrie Hover vs Kedzie Woods

Addie Buzz vs Kipcha Pryor

Noah Bishop vs Michael Vermas

Robin Vigo vs Sparks Jones

Julie Bishop vs Rose Jones

Maryam Mote vs Jilly Markes