Appearance=small,purple shirt,silver hair and white skin

Personality=Harsh, Agreesive, know it all and finicky.She doesn't get along with others who don't listen to her ideas which most of the time are good ones.Her allies dont have to worry she is very unlikely to betray unless provoked.

Skills=war fan, running, strength, great defenceive ability.

Weakness=Hates small cramped spaces they cause her to get very nervous she wont respond when her allies talk to her untill she gets out of the small space.

History=she is a teacher in training who tries to help the real teacher keep all the students up to date on all the strategies that work good in the hunger games.All her family members are former winners so she is the only one who doesn't live in the victors village.Despite her being white she has some family ties with anciant Asian culture which is how she learned to use the very difficult war fan.

Strategy=Seconds before the games start review her mental notes about all the other tributes then decide those who are big threats and keep a good eye on them possibly make an alliance to take the stronger tributes out.

Favorite saying="I'm sorry but that plan of yours will get us killed we should do my plan instead because it's better then yours."