Rickey DeanEdit

Rickey Dean


appearance=tall,silver hair white skin and white shirt.

Personality=careless,mean to none smart people and sly.He is the kind of gut who if your smart then he is a good allie who will have your back untill he feals like you will betray him.

skills=exsplosives,knives making plans under pressure ,knows most mutts weakneeses and running short distances.

weakness=most weapons he has trouble using because he doesn't take the time to train with other weapons besides knifes and exsplosives.

History=He has worked in the factories his intire life and he has sent many ideas for muts to the capital which is why he is one of the richest people in d3.His mutt designes have been the greatest of all time they have gotten numerous kills every single year in fact tributes fear his mutts more then the other tributes in the arena.The dean family is always watching the games to view Rickey deans beautifull mutts in action against tributes.When ever he isn't making mutt designes he is throwing knifes at dead citizens.

Strategy=If he can get in the career pack if not then allie with other smart people who he thinks he can out smart in the end.

Favorite saying="Would you look at this thats one of the mutts I made it just killed that small girl awsome."