Ryan Barbell

Ryan barbell


appearance=middle sized,white skiin and blonde hair.

personality=arrogent,rude and a bully.He is the kind of guy who you dont want to be around when he is in a bad mood its not a good sight for thoses around him bad things can happen.

skills=spear,tracking people over long distances and good strength

weakness=people don't like him because he is a bully makes getting sponcers hard for him.

History=When he was young he was present when his dad out of anger badly hurt his mom his dad told him that soft people cant get throught life so he became a huge bully stealing recently caught fish and poisoning food at the market.There have been over 100 reports of dead bodies found with food poisoning in there digestive systems people suspect that this is Ryan barbell's doing.

strategy=over power his oppneats or try to posion there food.

Favorite saying="You might not want to eat that it wont feal good in your stomach."