Samantha gulperEdit

Samantha gulper


Appearance=tall,blue hair and white skin

Personality=foolish,noisy,dishonest person

Skills=shild,jumping and great at talking her self out of trouble

Weaknees=her weapon the shild takes a few hits to kill and it has very little range which means she has to get really close to her enemy.

History=One day she saw that there were so many different types of fish which made her want to collect one of each kind.She tried to fishing for them by herself but found out that it was way to hard to get them that way so she decided to spend her weekly pay check at the fishing market.At first she paid for what the fish was really worth but after awhile she started to rip of those that she bought from by only giving about 1/3 of the actual price.

Strategy=Grab a shild then posibly join up with careers if she gets along with them but if not then she will go solo it is after all about her winning and getting home.

Favorite saying=Excuse me you think that fish is worth more sorry you get what I feal like paying you for it.