Tiffany GomezEdit

Tiffany Gomez


appearance=small,red hair ,glasses and white dress.

Personality=know it all,silly and rude.She is the kind of person you dont want around when you dont want to be yelled at when you dont do what she says but she is usefull in solving problems.

skills=making landmines,sword,running and knows a lot about eatable foods.She is really quick at making decessions that benifit her allies and her self.

weakness=is afraid of snakes and spiders she will break down in fear if she sees one.She is also more likely to die quicker do to a spider bite then any other tributes.

History=she is one of the smartest people in the world her family thought about selling her to the capital but they didnt they would find another way to get money.At school she is described as the know it all nerd girl that no one wants to talk to this doesn't bother her at all she likes her fellow students to keep there distance better to not form any close connections to anyone.Her mom expects nothing less then perfection from Tiffany Gomez which is why they don't have a close relationship.

Stategy=She has no set strategy it all depends on what the arena looks like she will make quick choices which she will know is correct because she knows every thing.

Favorite saying="Excuse me but you said that incorectly now you must pay with your life."